What is No Win No Fee?

Our professional negligence solicitors work on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis

Professional Negligence Solicitors Excalibur Solicitors offer a genuine "No Win No Fee" service. This means that Professional Negligence Solicitors will pursue your claim for no charge, the legal costs in successful cases being paid by the losing party (or their insurer) when we win the case.

In any rare cases where we may lose, Professional Negligence Solicitors will not charge for our involvement - that's how confident we are in our service! 100% of compensation awarded is passed on to our clients.

In addition, unlike Claims Management Companies, we are Specialist Professional Negligence and Personal Injury Solicitors approved ,  regulated and authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Also, we will not charge you for an expensive insurance policy which cannot be recovered in full from the losing party, so you really do keep 100% of any compensation that we recover for you.

Simply contact Professional Negligence Solicitors on 0121 745 2810 today and we will let you know if your claim is likely to succeed and how we can ensure that you are NOT one of the many people who miss out on their just entitlement to compensation.

Just ask for our Free Legal Assessment.